Sara Meima - President

Hello, my name is Sara, and I am the president of TSZWV Avalon. Ever since I was a little girl I have taken pleasure in swimming as a hobby, and later I went on to play water polo. When I came to Tilburg, I joined Avalon instantly. Last year I applied for the board, and after a few conversations I became the president. My tasks include being the internal and external face of the association.

Study: Liberal Arts and Sciences

Nick Roovers – Secretary & Water Polo Commissioner

Hey, my name is Nick Roovers and I hold two positions in the current board namely that of secretary & water polo commissioner. As a native Tilburger I played water polo for many years at a regular water polo club in the area. In my first year as a student, I decided to become a member of Avalon. I enjoyed working out with other students so much that I wanted to be on the board for a year. In addition, the position of water polo commissioner could not be missed, of course, since I have been practicing the sport for years.

Study: Business law & Fiscal law

Marisa – Chamberlain

Hi, my name is Marisa! As a member of the board of TSZWV Avalon the arranging of all the financial things as treasurer is one of my tasks. Besides that, I am responsible for the swimming practices as swimming commissionary. I am studying Economics and Business Economics and hope that I can use the knowledge from that to keep the association financially stable.

Study: Economics and Business Economics